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Flash Vs. Arrow: Trailer

Jim Parsons To Do “Merton” Play

Jim Parsons — you know, Sheldon on that sitcom — took to Broadway in 2012 in … Read more »

Green Bean Casserole!

Some traditions are meant to be tinkered with. When Campbell’s Soup invented green bean casserole in … Read more »

Holmes & Watson Back In Action

The BBC have released a picture of Benedict Cumberbatch (aka He Who Is Everywhere) and Martin … Read more »

King/Mellencamp Show Is Touring

I have to confess I’d like to see this show, described in THR: ‘Bestselling novelist Stephen … Read more »

Ethel Waters Sings “Suppertime”

Will Ferguson Help SELMA’s Oscar Chances?

I admit it’s not the most urgent question raised by the travesty of justice that’s just … Read more »