Our Royalty Met Their Royalty

And whose royalty is better? Jay Z, Prince William, Beyoncé and Kate Middleton met at a Brooklyn Nets game Monday evening. Queen Bey met the future queen of England on Monday night, with their husbands, Prince William and Jay Z, playing second fiddle (not for the first time, it must be said). The PA system played Rule Brittania”—followed by “Crazy in Love,” which is quite a mash-up, we feel sure you’ll agree. And, stop the presses—Kate wore jeans. Black ones, paired with a Tory Burch coat dress. So whose royalty is superior? On the one hand, you could say ours is. Beyonce and Jay-Z had to work their way to the top through hard work and talent, whilst Wills did nothing but be born in the right place at the right time. On the other hand, Jay-Z used to be a drug dealer and he once stabbed somebody in a New York nightclub. So I’d have to say that the British royalty way surpasses the American royalty in class and sophistication. I mean, Wills would never put his arm around an American athlete the way, after the Brooklyn game, that LeBron James placed his arm around Kate. Awkward!

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