Amazon Quashes Hyphen-Laden Book

All I can say about this is: Sheesh! Graeme Reynolds has found his werewolf novel withdrawn from Amazon because of his excessive use of the hyphen. Reynolds has written about his inexplicable experience on his blog, but in summary: he released his werewolf novel, “High Moor 2: Moonstruck,” last March, after paying over $1,600 for professional editing. It’s had over 100 almost entirely positive reviews on Amazon. Then, on 12 December, Reynolds got an email from the internet retailer, which had apparently received a complaint from a reader “about the fact that some of the words in the book were hyphenated.”

“When they ran an automated spell check against the manuscript they found that over 100 words in the 90,000-word novel contained that dreaded little line,” he says. “This, apparently ‘significantly impacts the readability of your book’ and, as a result, ‘We have suppressed the book because of the combined impact to customers.’”

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