Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: Unless you believe in child abuse, don’t even think of dragging your kids to “Annie.” Even the new “Night at the Museum” film is preferable. “Mr. Turner” is visually sumptuous. Television: For two years, I went to Carleton College, in Northfield, MN. The other school in town was St. Olaf, which is weaker in academics but superior in music, as this special about their choir attests. Music: D’Angelo’s “Black Messiah” is strange, annoying, wonderful. Celebrate the holidays with Keith Lowell Jensen’s “Atheist Christmas.” Books: I often think that Jan Morris is my favorite living writer: I’m re-reading her book about Venice. Sports: For the first time in forever, I tried watching figure skating, but it’s all about quads and the poetry is gone. Sad. Finally: Family sending you food? Good luck not gaining weight!

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