Globes Highlights: Keaton, “Boyhood,” Prince

What does it say that the biggest surprise of the night was the appearance of Prince as a presenter — I didn’t expect that! The winners were quite a bit more predictable. I wasn’t surprised that “Transparent” was a big winner on the TV side of things — the mainstream seems finally to be ready to hear transgender stories. I was surprised that “Birdman” won screenplay and best actor/comedy but not best comedy, which went to “Grand Budapest Hotel.” That just confirms what we already know: “Boyhood” will win the Oscar for Best Picture. “Boyhood” won best drama and best supporting actress, Patricia Arquette, as well as Best Director for Richard Linklater. Miss Arquette, who needs a more stable hairstyle as we move forward in the awards seasons, continues her march to the Oscar podium, as does JK Simmons, who won best supporting actor for “Whiplash.” In fact, now that “Selma” is completely out of the picture, all the major Oscars are pretty boringly locked-in. Especially after Michael Keaton‘s moving tribute to his son and Julianne Moore’s rushed but heartfelt mention of one of her directors, who is suffering from ALS. You can hurl the Oscars at Moore and Keaton right now! As for the TV awards, the Globes continued their tradition of honoring newcomers: “The Affair,” which I found tedious, won best dramatic series and “Transparent” won best comedy.

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