“Gigi” Opens In D.C.: Review

Not my review, kids: I’ll wait to see the show, starring Vanessa Hudgens, until it opens on Broadway in April. But Peter Marks, of the Washington Post, has written a notice that pretty much jibes with what I’ve been hearing from people I trust in D.C. To wit: “Gigi” ‘is well thought out and well handled, especially courtesy of a runway’s worth of sumptuous evening gowns by Catherine Zuber, and the elegant choreography by Joshua Bergasse. But the production, which had its official opening Thursday night, is also a reminder that “Gigi” is not a great musical.’ Further: ‘I suspect that fans of the movie will again find moments to ooh and aah, even if “Gigi” will make only the exceptionally devoted go “ooh la la.”’

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