Oscars: Julianne, Eddie & The Three Gs

“Glory,” Gaga, and Graham (Moore) were the highlights of the Oscar broadcast: John Legend and Common brought the crowd to its feet with their “Glory” tune from “Selma.” Lady Gaga turned out to be a brilliant choice to sing “Sound of Music” songs, with Julie Andrews, who looks great for almost-80, coming on just after. And Graham Moore, who won a screenplay prize for “The Imitation Game,” gave a lovely speech, encouraging oddball kids to let their freak flags fly. As for the rest of the broadcast, Julianne Moore and Eddie Redmayne provided an inspiring night for redheads, and Patricia Arquette gave a rallying, loopy acceptance. The acceptance speeches in general were better than usual. As for Neil Patrick Harris, hosting the Oscars is a thankless task so I’m not gonna hate on him. He’s more suited to hosting the Tonys, but who isn’t? The Tonys have musical numbers to keep the pace upbeat. The Oscars always get bogged down.

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