Richard Glatzer, “Still Alice” Director, Dies

Sad news: Richard Glatzer, the writer and director behind 2014’s “Still Alice,” has died. He was in his early 60s. Glatzer shares directing and writing credits with husband Wash Westmoreland on “Still Alice,” a film starring Julianne Moore as a middle-aged woman struck by early-onset Alzheimer’s. She won this year’s Best Actress Oscar for the role. In an interview with EW in September, Moore reflected on how Glatzer’s struggle with ALS impacted the way he and Westmoreland approached “Still Alice.”
“What was really quite touching and interesting about the project is that Richard and Wash were going through this experience, which is, you know, a terrible disease that really, really impairs function and changes your quality of life,” she said. “And one where there’s no known cure. There’s some kind of treatment but it’s not effective. So the question the movie posits is who are you, what are we, and what’s our essential self when our health that helps define us disappears? Who are we?”

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