Kiss Frontman: No Reunion Happening

Anyone hoping to witness one last performance from the original members of Kiss might be out of luck. Paul Stanley (pictured), the band’s frontman and co-founding member with Gene Simmons, has said that sharing a stage with Ace Frehley and Peter Criss for Kiss’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction last year would be the closest he would get to a reunion appearance. “Frankly, I have too much pride in what I do than to create a moment of nostalgia for someone else,” Stanley said, in an interview with Australian news site “To get on stage with Ace and Peter was an interesting, surreal moment but nothing I wanted to prolong. Someone asked me before the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame ‘Couldn’t you just play with the original line-up again for one night?’ And I said ‘How about spending a night with your ex wife? What’s the point?’”

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