“The Wiz” Returning To TV & Broadway

Ah, for those long ago days when Nipsey Russell, Diana Ross, and Michael Jackson could be in the same room. It’s impossible to recreate that casting magic, but NBC will try. This week, the network announced that it was easing on down the road. On Dec. 3, a live version of “The Wiz” will make its debut on the network, produced in partnership with Cirque du Soleil’s theatrical division, which will then take it to Broadway for the 2016-17 season. Harvey Fierstein — who, you know, apparently has black street cred because he wrote the book for a Broadway show about a black transgender person — is rewriting the “Wiz”‘s book. So who will star as the Wicked Witch? How about Wanda Sykes: as you’ll hear in the clip below, she can almost carry a tune.

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