Television: Sunday-Night Scorecard

Game of Thrones (pictured): The popular HBO returned with a revealing flashback and one character meeting a horrible fate. All the gore and nudity was on display, but, well, I’ve seen better. Grade: B. Mad Men: The title of this week’s episode is “New Business,” and as everyone on “Mad Men” knows, new business is the oldest business around. The series is playing it safe — not that there’s anything wrong with that. Grade: B+. The Good Wife: This has been a very disappointing season. Both Alicia and Diane are being dragged through the mud, suggesting that the series’ feminist credentials are giving way to the tedious bashing of powerful women. Wolf Hall: I understand why lots of people find the series a slog, but I keep (re)watching. This week: with the quiet intensity of pieces being moved on a chessboard, the central characters now get into position. Meanwhile, Cromwell remains inscrutable.

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