“The King And I” With Barbara Cook

For months I’ve been telling people to get tickets to two shows in New York: “Hamilton” and “The King and I.” The downtown run of the former has been a tough ticket for months, but luckily the musical is moving to Broadway in July. The latter opened last night to terrific reviews (read them here), and now getting good seats will be “Hamilton”-difficult. I went to the “King” opening and will post thoughts later on Lincoln Center Theater‘s website. In the meantime, here’s what Barbara Cook said about the “King” production she starred in — at New York’s City Center, in 1960, with Farley Granger (I know, I know). Cook said: ‘There was a wonderful sexual chemistry between the two of us — really sexy. There was never any stuff between us [gee, I wonder why], but people have certain chemistry that they can use on stage, and man, we had it. I thought he was a very good-looking guy, so I didn’t have to do a lot of acting. You know the scene when they do the waltz? That was HOT.’

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