The Doctor Is Out: Dempsey Dies

Because I don’t know anyone who’s watched “Grey’s Anatomy” in at least five years, I honestly thought the show was over ages ago. But apparently I’m wrong: In a shocking twist, the beloved character of Dr. Derek Shepherd, played for 11 years by Patrick Dempsey, was killed on Thursday’s episode. After helping victims of a car accident, Derek ended up getting into one himself and was taken to a hospital that didn’t follow proper protocol to save him. His character’s death wasn’t exactly a surprise: the past two episodes of the ABC drama have foreshadowed the possibility of a Derek departure, prompting legions of fans to warn ABC and creator Shonda Rhimes that they’re playing with fire by even teasing such a mammoth development. “If something will happen to Derek I don’t know if I can still look forward to more episodes,” wrote one fan. Another vowed on Dempsey’s Facebook page, “I have never missed one episode but I swear if [Rhimes] kills you off I’m done.”

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