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The Best Album-Cover Portraits

A new exhibition displays the photo from the cover of Kate Tempest’s album. But it’s not … Read more »

Adam Lambert: “Ghost Town”

“Game Of Thrones”: The Penis Problem

I been saying for years that HBO has a double standard about nudity: tons of breasts … Read more »

Joni Mitchell Is Not In A Coma

Joni Mitchell is not unconscious, contrary to previous reports. On Tuesday, TMZ reported Mitchell was unconscious … Read more »

Merle Haggard Gets H.S. Diploma

He may already have an honorary doctorate from California State University in Bakersfield, California, but 78-year-old … Read more »

Making Ketchup At Home

Get ready to toss the ketchup that’s been in your fridge for the past few months. … Read more »

Russia Bans Spiegelman’s “Maus”

Art Spiegelman has called Russian bookstores’ decision to stop selling copies of “Maus” – his Pulitzer … Read more »