This Sleek Toronto Dream House Can Be Yours For $23 Million — Unless Elton Gets It First

And just what is this Toronto marvel, on sale for $23 million? The modernist manse—dubbed “one of the most important private houses built in North America” by Glenn Lowry, the director of New York’s Museum of Modern Art—is as famous today, perhaps, as its now-dead master, Dr. James Stewart. It is house as autobiography, a catalogue of dreams commissioned and milked. The short long story: an eccentric math professor, one who’d made his fortune writing calculus books, of all things, and is a classical violinist to boot, decides to built a dream home for one that doubles as a concert hall. The project, christened Integral House, and hugging a sloping ravine in Toronto’s cushiest postal code is based on curves—his math-mind meeting his aesthetic bias. It’s completed it in 2009: five whole stories, from the treetops down. 1800 square feet, give or take.

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