Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: “Hot Pursuit,” with Sofia Vergara, isn’t so hot. “Saint Laurent” is yet another movie about the French designer. Television: “The Simpsons“, which has just been renewed through its 30th season, takes on the topic of bullying. On Sunday, “Game of Thrones” is going to “Kill The Boy.” Music: Mumford & Sons new album, “Wilder Mind,” isn’t twangy enough. High on the success of his Broadway album, Josh Groban says he’ll do rap next. Books: David McCullough’s latest Great American Subject is “The Wright Brothers.” And controversial photographer Sally Mann has a memoir, “Hold Still.” Sports: New York teams are choking in the spring playoffs, so it’s back to watching the Mets and Yanks. Finally: The Republican presidential clown car is getting mighty full. Will it implode?

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