“Youth” Receives Mixed Response At Cannes

Boos and bravos alike greeted Wednesday morning’s Cannes screening of “Youth,” Paolo Sorrentino’s drama starring Michael Caine as a retired orchestra conductor contemplating the indignities of old age and the trappings of celebrity at a luxurious mountain resort. I was such a fan of Sorrentino’s last, Oscar-winning film, “The Great Beauty,” that I will see the picture regardless. Variety writes: ‘Perhaps the most divisive film to screen in competition so far, “Youth,” which Fox Searchlight is releasing Stateside, is this festival’s second high-profile, English-language title to receive catcalls from journalists. Still, it was much better received than Gus Van Sant’s much-derided “The Sea of Trees” last week, with Sorrentino’s partisans proving just as loud and passionate as his detractors.’

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