Palahniuk Talks About “Fight Club 2”

Chuck Palahniuk exploded onto the literary scene in 1996 with his novel “Fight Club,” a raging anti-commercialism polemic and outlet to his inner anger. With the release of David Fincher’s 1999 film adaptation, he—like the film—became a looming cultural crusader in a sea of crassness, engraved in the minds of young adults as the hyper-masculine manifesto to all that is wrong with America’s consumer culture. Now, a flurry of books and movie deals later, Palahniuk is back to reclaim his masterpiece — urine-filled condom in hand. The Daily Beast caught up with Palahniuk on a loud, bustling New York City day to discuss his newly released comic book “Fight Club 2,” which follows the events of the previously unnamed Sebastian after he [Spoiler Alert] shot himself in the mouth trying to kill his anarchic alter-ego, Tyler Durden.

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