Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: “San Andreas” is more California-disaster porn: hasn’t the state suffered enough? And does Hawaii deserve the cinematic whitewash known as “Aloha“? And, last but not least, Flaubert is traduced in “Gemma Bovery.” Music: If you haven’t caught up with the brilliant young conductor Andris Nelsons, this concert with the Boston Symphony Orchestra is your chance. Television: “Game of Thrones” is entering the home stretch: how will all of you survive this season’s demise? The so-bad-it’s-good “Grace of Monaco” is being rebroadcast Saturday at noon. Books: Whenever I look at the LGBT best-seller list on Amazon, I’m reminded of what awful literary taste most gay people have. Yeah, I know: we can’t all read Proust every day. Though we should! Sports: I loathe LeBron, but Cleveland could use some good news, and what’s better than an NBA championship? But I’m Golden State all the way. Finally: June is about to bust out all over: listen here.

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