Seagulls Attack! Is This Story Of A Classical Pianist Really A Secret Monty Python Sketch?

An internationally-renowned pianist has been forced to pull out of concerts after a swooping seagull caused him to injure himself. Paul Lewis was leaving rehearsals with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra when he was startled, causing him to fall and sprain a finger. The 43-year-old musician had been due to play in two performances but has had to pull out, the orchestra confirmed. A spokesperson said they wished him “a speedy recovery.” Head of communications Jayne Garrity said: “Unfortunately, Paul Lewis has had to withdraw from his concerts this week with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. “On leaving rehearsals with the orchestra earlier this week, Paul sustained an injury, spraining one of the fingers on his right hand, after a seagull which had been nesting close by, swooped close to his head, causing him to stumble.”

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