Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: Finally! A Hollywood summer movie that I want to see: “Inside Out.” And “Dope“? A hit at Sundance, which is often a dubious recommendation. Television: On Friday, PBS broadcasts “The Merry Widow” from the Met, starring Kelli O’Hara and Renee Fleming. As for Sundays: You poor people. Now that “Game of Thrones” is over what will you do to cap the weekend? Well, there’s the “Bible” series on NBC, which, just in time for Gay Pride, offers “The Abomination.” More promisingly, PBS premieres a new costume drama, “Poldark.” And if you’re not allergic to Vince Vaughn (I am), check out the second-season premiere of “True Detective.” Music: James Taylor — he after whom Miss Taylor Swift is named — has a new number-one album: truly, baby boomers are the only ones who pay for music. Books: I highly recommend “The Cost of Courage,” Charles Kaiser’s telling of an heroic true story: the three youngest children of a bourgeois Catholic family who worked together in the French Resistance. Sports: I’m still thrilled about the downfall of the Cavs and LeBron “I’m The Greatest Star By Far” James. Now if only the Yanks or Mets could stop zigzagging I’m be happy every day. Finally: And what about the USA’s World Cup women? Hooray!

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