McKellen Tremendous as “Mr. Holmes”

The Guardian looks at the upcoming movie “Mr. Holmes”: ‘The arresting beauty of Ian McKellen (pictured) has never been shown to better advantage than in this movie – a tremendously acted, but flawed and muddled riff on the theme of Sherlock Holmes. McKellen, who is 76, is one of those men whose looks get more fascinating with age, although here he is made up to be much older than he is. With the hooded eyes, piercing gaze and built-up nose, he has a look of the great English explorer Wilfred Thesiger, and a touch of field marshal Bernard Montgomery. This Sherlock is directed by Bill Condon (for whom McKellen acted in Gods and Monsters in 1998) and adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher from the 2005 novel by Mitch Cullin. It’s part of the great postmodern tradition of Holmes reinvention.’ “Mr. Holmes” comes out July 17th in the U.S.

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