Beyoncé & Jay Expecting Surrogate Baby?

If true, this wouldn’t be a surprise — I know many reasonable people who think Bey’s first baby was also by surrogate. It’s been three years since they welcomed that little tot, Blue Ivy, 3, so it’s no surprise that they’re ready to expand their brood. Speculation that Beyoncé is possibly using a surrogate are back. A new report claims that the singer and Jay Z will welcome their second child together with the help of another. An insider told the outlet that Bey & Jay “are in the process of having a baby through a surrogate.” The source adds, “They were trying for several months, but Beyoncé was having trouble. She was scared about another high-risk pregnancy, so surrogacy became the best decision for them.” We don’t blame her for being scared, she has openly discussed her painful miscarriage before.

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