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NY Times Posts O-bitch-uary On Horner

My friend Tom Steele and I are eager to catalog “obitchuaries” — you know, articles published … Read more »

“God Called Me To Play That Role”

That’s what the actor David Oyewolo said in L.A. this week to a conference on faith-and-family-based … Read more »

Deluxe Farmhouse Kitchens

Rustic meets modern in designer Ellen Denisevich-Grickis’s Rhode Island home, which features a Murano glass chandelier … Read more »

Faith No More: Reissue

Pitchfork: ‘As these expanded, double-disc reissues of The Real Thing and Angel Dust reaffirm, Faith No … Read more »

NBC & Donald Trump: Complicated

The Donald appeared ready to forgo hosting the next edition of “Celebrity Apprentice” in order to … Read more »

Women’s Soccer Musical: Goooooo-aaaaL!

Just in time for the women’s World Cup, being played in Canada, a new musical about … Read more »

Ban “Gone With The Wind”?

From movie theaters, not from museums or home-entertainment systems. That’s what a New York Post critic … Read more »