Lance Is Trolling Tour De France

In a Tour de France already fraught with doom just days after starting—from 20-bike crashes to local cops protesting it as a soapbox for contract negotiations, even to the grim specter of a long lasting, podium-clearing doping scandal—this year’s race has another, even more sinister and hideous problem: disgraced seven-time former winner Lance Armstrong. Yeah, you read that right. Lance Armstrong — a lifetime member of The Lowest of the Low Club — is back in the saddle at the Tour de France, trolling one of the world’s most prestigious athletic events and spitting in the face of his lifetime ban. Unable to actually compete, he’s instead riding several stages of the race the day before the actual race does in a thinly veiled f-you to honest athletes, cycling’s governing body, and the legion of heart broken fans he betrayed, all in his all-too-familiar role as the good guy trying to raise money for cancer.

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