Decline In Standards: Trashy Hilton Sister Is Being Allowed To Wed In Diana’s Old Palace

Blonde socialite Nicky Hilton (pictured, right, in a revealing dress at a Paris show this week), youngest heiress of the great American tribe of hoteliers, and James Rothschild (pictured with his bride-to-be, center, last night) scion of Europe’s greatest banking family, will wed Friday. Famous, infamous and merely monied guests have already been arriving in a steady stream of luxury vehicles (a wedding guest arrives in a black Lamborghini, bottom left) ready for the wedding in the exquisite surroundings of the Orangery in Kensington Palace. That’s where Princess Diana used to live. Her life certainly wasn’t devoid of scandal, but she’s rolling in her grave at the thought of Nicky, whose sister is sex-tape-famous Paris Hilton, marrying there. Just because the Hiltons are trash doesn’t mean well-known guests aren’t showing up — Chelsea Clinton has jetted over for the festivities. Tacky!

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