When The Queen Snubbed Mick Jagger

How could I not know this juicy tidbit? Queen Elizabeth II is said to have not had “the stomach” to present Mick Jagger (pictured in royal drag), the Rolling Stone’s frontman, a knighthood in 2003 on account of his anti-establishment views. She is also said to have disliked the star’s s relationship with her sister, the late Princess Margaret, and as a result asked the Prince of Wales to give him his knighthood instead. The Queen was said to have deliberately scheduled an operation to remove cartilage from her left knee for the day before Jagger received one of the country’s highest honors. On December 13 2003 he eventually accepted his honor, but the Queen was not there to give it to him. She said to have told one of her doctors at King Edward VII Hospital in London: “I would much rather be here than at Buckingham Palace knighting a certain party.”

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