Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: I’ll leave you to tell me about the new “Mission Impossible” — can’t bring myself. I’d rather endure “Vacation.” And I’m dying to see the Vidal/Buckley face-off in “Best of Enemies.” Television: On Friday, PBS gives us a documentary about the Cliburn piano competition. Thank God that “Poldark” has its finale on Sunday. And thank God again that “Sherlock” returns in that slot next week. Music: Jill Scott’s new album, “Woman,” is pretty great. Scott describes it as “classic Philly soul meets Country rhythm served with impeccable and captivating storytelling.” Books: I’m catching up with Mark Helprin’s most recent, very absorbing novel, “In Sunlight and In Shadow.” And don’t tell me you still haven’t read the new Harper Lee. Sports: I’m watching Arena Football — anything not to have to hear more blathering about Tom Brady. Finally: I’m about to take a week off: I need a break.

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