Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: My devotion to Meryl will make me see “Ricki and the Flash” eventually. But I won’t pay to see it. I might, however, pay to see “Fantastic Four” in a cinema. Television: Friday’s “Great Performances” features the School of American Ballet in workshop recital. “True Detective 2” wraps up on Sunday. Music: Great to see Buddy Guy’s “Born To Play Guitar” selling so well. In summer, I usually have a Springsteen festival — time’s running out! Books: Every summer, I also usually have an F. Scott Fitzgerald festival: “The Great Gatsby” is on my bedside stand. Sports: Pre-season football has arrived. But you won’t catch me watching it. I’m caught up with the Mets and Yankees. Finally: I like August for the same reason I like January: extreme weather at its purest.

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