John Hurt: We Used To Have More Fun

John Hurt (pictured) — whom Quentin Crisp once called my “representative on earth” — is bemoaning the homogenized state of modern society, in which excessive warnings about the danger of alcohol abound and making a pass at a woman is fraught with risks. The 75-year-old actor, whose film credits include “The Elephant Man,” “The Naked Civil Servant” (in which he played Crisp) and the Harry Potter films said life was more fun in the days when he hellraised with the likes of Peter O’Toole and Oliver Reed. Hurt stars in Keith Waterhouse’s classic play “Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell” on Britain’s Radio 4 on Saturday, and the twice Oscar-nominated actor’s role as the famous drinker, gambler and womanizer who wrote about his exploits in his weekly Spectator Low Life column, appears to have prompted nostalgia for bygone days. I don’t agree with Hurt when he says that nowadays “people don’t give in to temptation and everything is controlled.” I could show Hurt millions of people who give in to temptation every hour of every day!

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