Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: “Straight Outta Compton” is better than all the obnoxious social-media memes it’s inspired. “Doomed” is about Roger Corman’s “Fantastic Four,” but doomed also describes the box office of this month’s “Fantastic Four.” Television: PBS is re-running “Sherlock” on Sundays, even as its poor star, Benedict Cumberthingie, is assaulted by cellphones as he tries to do “Hamlet” onstage in London. What I’m most looking forward to this weekend: the Sunday premiere on HBO of David “The Wire” Simon’s new series, “Show Me A Hero.” Music: Dr. Dre’s new “Compton” album is terrific — but not for you fogey LemonWade readers who don’t like hip-hop. Books: Am amazed at how many people still haven’t caught up to “All The Light We Cannot See.” Even President Obama may be reading it. Sports: My current squeeze got me to break my rule last week to avoid pre-season football: can I regain my principles this week? Finally: Half the country is already back to school — why do we have to wait so long to have the kids off the streets in New York?

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