Muslim Drag Queen Fears Backlash

Just in case you don’t think it’s dangerous to be a performer in some parts of the world: Police are on alert in case of a backlash after Britain’s Channel 4 airs a documentary featuring the UK’s first gay Muslim drag queen. Asif Quaraishi (pictured), an activist for the so-called “Gaysian” community who performs in clubs as the glamorous Asifa Lahore, has received death threats in the past and is concerned about the public reaction to “Muslim Drag Queens” when it airs on Monday night. “I do worry post the broadcast,” said Quaraishi, who added that authorities and police have been notified. The documentary, which follows the difficulties faced in the lives of three gay Asian drag queens and explores the largely clandestine gay Asian community in the UK, is narrated by Sir Ian McKellen.

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