Boy Ruins $1.5 Million Painting

We all have those nightmares. For some it’s falling through space, or failing an exam, or finding yourself naked in front of a room full of your peers. For others, it’s the panic of realizing you’ve accidentally punched a hole in a painting worth $1.5 million. Footage released online this week by the organizers of an art exhibition in the Taiwanese capital of Taipei shows the toe-curling moment when a 12-year-old boy did just this. The boy was soaking up the atmosphere at the “Face of Leonardo:Images of a Genius” exhibition. Having just heard from the tour guide that the masterpiece in front of him, a Paolo Porpora impression of flowers, oil on canvas, was valued at $1.5 million, the crowd makes its way to the next painting. But the boy trips and spills his drink on the Porpora. Why the hell anyone is allowed to have a soft drink while walking near Old Masters is mind-boggling to me.

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