Aretha: Put My Story On Broadway!

Apparently not content that her life story is heading for the movies and perhaps starring Jennifer Hudson, Aretha Franklin wants her life story on Broadway, too. Franklin, 73, told Billboard, “I would like to see it be a dramatic musical. I loved The Motown Musical [Motown]; it was so great. I think the timing is very good now, especially behind Jersey Boys, Carole King [Beautiful]. Gloria Estefan has come to Broadway now [On Your Feet] and why not Aretha?” Several ideas for Franklin musicals have been discussed over the years, including a 2007 project in Detroit that got as far as the casting stage. Now, if you think Re-Re will allow the real dirt (who’s the father of her early-teenage pregnancies?) to be part of a show, I’ve got a Detroit bridge to sell you. But Aretha’s story would certainly have appeal to the baby boomers who are almost the only demographic that can afford expensive Broadway tickets.

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