Florence Foster Jenkins Lives!

More than 70 years after her death, Florence Foster Jenkins is having a lively time of it. She will be embodied by Meryl Streep in an upcoming biopic directed by Stephen Frears, and another movie inspired by La Jenkins, “Marguerite,” has just won acclaim at the Venice and Telluride film festivals. Variety says: ‘Cover your ears and open your hearts: In French director Xavier Giannoli’s pitch-perfect comedy of manners, “Marguerite,” a shameless chanteuse, played by Catherine Frot (pictured), with a surplus of money and a shortage of talent buys her way into the spotlight, exposing the hypocrisy of her unctuous social circle in the process…This splendid satire benefits not only from being the first to reach the screen, but also from “The Singer” director Giannoli’s gift for striking just the right tone with such tricky material.’

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