Sean Hayes Aiming To Play Oscar Levant

Broadway producers have teamed with Sean Hayes’ Hazy Mills Prods. to develop a new play about the Hollywood actor, composer and pianist Oscar Levant, with Hayes in mind to star. It’s a passion project for Hayes, who said he’s wanted to play Levant for a decade. In its first theater venture, Hazy Mills, the production company (“Hot in Cleveland,” “Grimm”) the actor-producer formed with Todd Milliner, will develop the work with Beth Williams of Grove Entertainment and Barbara Whitman Prods. A play about Levant is a terrific idea — there are one liners alone to fill three evenings. Levant was a frequent collaborator of George Gershwin’s in Hollywood and the composer of music for more than 20 films. He was the one who said “I’m so old I knew Doris Day before she was a virgin.”

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