Brian Eno: Time To Rethink Culture

Brian Eno, best known as a member of Roxy Music, has delivered a provocative speech. He said arts and culture were worth pursuing for reasons that were not just economic and should play a central role in people’s lives in a world of rapid change. Delivering the annual BBC Music John Peel lecture, Eno said art and culture offered “a safe place for you to have quite extreme and rather dangerous feelings.” He said the reason people embraced it was because they knew they could “switch if off,” so art had a role as a “simulator” in people’s lives. Further: Due to nobody being an expert on everything, Eno said, we needed ways of “keeping in sync, of remaining coherent,” adding: “And I think that this is what culture is doing for us.” He said he saw culture as a “set of collective rituals” that everyone was engaged with.

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