ABC Confuses Priyanka With Another Indian

Priyanka Chopra (pictured) is one of the most beautiful women in the world, and the star of the worth-watching new ABC series, “Quantico.” But her own network mistakenly included a photo of another actress in a promo for an interview with her for “Nightline.” Images of fellow Indian actress Yukta Mookhey appeared in the “Nightline” promo for Chopra’s segment. They featured Mookhey when she was crowned Miss World in 1999. Chopra won the Miss World title in 2000. “Nightline” apologized for the images being included and for misidentifying Chopra. Priyanka is a Bollywood star which means she is known to more people in India than ABC has eyeballs in an entire month. Get some new glasses, ABC.

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