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Hazel Scott: “Autumn Leaves”

Damon: Should Gay Actors Stay Closeted?

I believe I was the first journalist to conduct an interview with Matt Damon in which … Read more »

How Mearns Makes Her Magic

Plenty of ballet experts — including my old pal Alastair Macaulay, the chief dance critic of … Read more »

MacArthur Announces “Geniuses”

I’ve dated two MacArthur “geniuses” in my life, but no one on the current list. I’m … Read more »

“Showgirls” Has A Birthday

I must confess: I’ve been remiss. Last week marked the 20th anniversary of that camp masterpiece … Read more »

Trevor Noah: How’d He Do?

It was only one night, so I’ll reserve final judgment. Speaking of his storied predecessor, Jon … Read more »

Catherine Coulson Dies

Catherine E. Coulson, actress and cult icon, died Monday morning of cancer at age 71, her … Read more »