Inside Scientology’s “Super Powers” Building

(This is all built with tax-free money, people!) The Flag Building (pictured), also known as the “Super Powers” building, is a massive seven-story, 377,000-square-foot complex which was the tallest building in Clearwater, Florida when it opened in November 2013. Now new pictures have emerged which give an insight into the notoriously secretive organization and their ‘spiritual headquarters’ which is regularly frequented by Scientologist celebrities such as Tom Cruise and John Travolta. Visitors to the building are greeted with the Grand Atrium – an impressive lobby spanning three-stories and the length of an entire block, with countless humanoid statues aimed at bringing to life the beliefs behind Scientology (bottom left). There is even a luxurious, wood-paneled ‘Office of the Commodore’ for Hubbard – built long after his death in 1986 (top left).

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