Loss Of “Belief” In Oprah?

Oprah Winfrey made news recently by investing in Weight Watchers Intl., promptly causing the company’s value to soar. But based on the early ratings for her new faith-oriented series “Belief,” that’s not the only thing she’s associated with that’s exhibiting shrinkage. A seven-part documentary devoted to exploring faith in its various forms, “Belief” opened to a mere 508,000 viewers in its first episode Sunday, according to Nielsen data. And while that represents a bump for OWN versus the prior week and a not-bad number for a program with such earnest intentions, it’s a conspicuous comedown from the kind of audience that Winfrey attracted on a daily basis when hosting her own syndicated talk show. But Oprah is still an icon, and tons of people I know love her “Super Soul Sunday.” Let’s not worry about her.

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