Dear Kanye: You’re No Julie Andrews!

Unlike most of my friends, I happily acknowledge the artistic accomplishments of Kanye West. But his off-the-field antics can be beyond juvenile. Latest example: New filings in Manhattan Federal Court slam Kanye West for arguing his series of Lower East Side gangster videos are akin to the “Sound of Music.” The quirky comparison is part of an ongoing battle pitting the bachata duo Loisaidas against West and hip-hop mogul Damon Dash. The band alleges that West and Dash infringed on their trademarked name by producing the straight-to-web videos with the same name, Loisaidas. In filings, attorneys for West and Dash argue that the Loisaidas videos — bearing the slogan “There is a place Where there are no rules Where the wrong move can cost a life A place to get money And risk dying for it everyday” — are legally similar to “The Sound of Music.” “There’s a big difference between thugs rapping in a six-minute video and Julie Andrews singing in a musical on the big screen,” Bostany said. I’ll say!

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