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Winter: How To Stay Warm

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Exhibition: Pagodas In Quebec

Christopher Benfey writes: ‘A taste for Asian things is often associated with Commodore Matthew Perry’s “opening” … Read more »

Rosemary Clooney: I’ll Be Seeing You

Study Says Sarcasm Increases Creativity

Really? No! Harvard Business School, Columbia Business School and Insead (“the Business School for the World”) … Read more »

Clooneys Adopt Basset Hound

How nice for them! George and Amal Clooney have a new addition to their family – … Read more »

Gielgud’s Porn Script Has Been Filmed

A gay porn film based on a screenplay written by the late, great classical actor Sir … Read more »

Even China Is Panning “Pan”

While other under-performing Hollywood movies have been bailed out by Chinese audiences, Warner Bros.’ ‘Pan’ had … Read more »