Look Who’s Choreographing “Fiddler”

For the coming revival of “Fiddler on the Roof,” choreographer Hofesh Shechter (pictured) meticulously crafted just the right splaying of hands from his dancers. WSJ adds: ‘But these are far from jazz hands. “It’s something about the palms up. Very strong palms,” said Mr. Shechter. “Very folkloristic.” Though dance is hardly the signature element of Jerome Robbins’ 1964 musical about a Jewish family on the eve of a pogrom, it may be what most distinguishes this production, starting previews at the Broadway Theatre Nov. 20. Director Bartlett Sher went well beyond Broadway to find Mr. Shechter, the Israeli-born star of the U.K.’s contemporary dance scene. “He’s not steeped in the world of musical theater,” said Mr. Sher. “He’s coming from the world of pure dance.”’

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