TV: Sunday-Night Scorecard

The Good Wife: Hooray! An episode with Christine Baranski‘s Diane front-and-center. Peter’s presidential campaign was barely touched upon, thank God. Grade: B+. The Walking Dead: “Heads Up” wastes no time showcasing the reveal that Glenn is alive, saved by Nicholas’ body and a dumpster, in its opening moments, but, as much as I have waited weeks to find out Glenn’s true fate, the episode is not solely focused on Glenn’s plight. Grade: B. Real Housewives of Atlanta: I took a break from the usual Sunday dramas and watched this episode of the only “Real Housewives” franchise I can bear. Cynthia and Peter tried to avoid the D-word while everyone else tried to avoid sweating through their cocktail dresses at Kenya’s hair-care “experience.” Grade: C+.

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