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Thom York DJs For Climate Change

Today, COP21 — the UN’s climate change conference — takes place in Paris. After signing a … Read more »

A New Beatles Record

There were wigs and fake beards all around in Mexico City as the city attempted a … Read more »

Thanksgiving Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: I liked Stallone in “Creed,” your kids will like “The Good Dinosaur,” and the artsy … Read more »

Why Nonsense Words Make Us Laugh

While administering a language-based experiment, psychology researcher Chris Westbury “noticed that people always laughed when they … Read more »

Sorry, I Couldn’t Resist

I’ve tried, really tried, to minimize Adele on this site. Her song “Hello” is threatening to … Read more »

“Fat” Stripper Whacks A Drunk Cad

There’s a time and a place to give out healthy lifestyle advice. When you’re in a … Read more »

“Come From Away”: Starla’s Review

Friend of LemonWade and longtime Seattle-ite Starla “Idabelle” Smith sends the following report: “Come From Away,” … Read more »