US “Baking Show” Not As Good As British

I thoroughly agree with the Guardian on this one: ‘The Great Holiday Baking Show, which premieres last night on ABC at 10pm EST, tries very, very hard to be The Great British Bake Off – which aired in the US as The Great British Baking Show for the first four series on PBS before Netflix acquired the rights to series five. As in the original Bake Off, there are three “bakes” per episode: a signature bake, where contestants produce variations on a certain dish; a technical bake, where everyone makes the same dish with vague instructions; and a showstopper challenge, which is like the signature bake but with a lot more pizazz.’ And: ‘The sets look identical, they use the same music cues, and even the little storybook drawings of the intended dishes are trotted out. All of the ingredients are there, but this soufflé seems to have fallen flat in the oven.’

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