Toobin: Cosby Is Heading For Prison

Legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin — whose book on O.J. Simpson has been turned into a splashy TV miniseries — makes 5 predictions for 2016. Among them is the fall of Bill Cosby: ‘The comedian’s reputation has been destroyed in the course of 2015, as dozens (dozens!) of women came forward to say that he had drugged and sexually assaulted them. Cosby’s lawyers have denied most of the charges, when they have addressed them at all. But, in 2016, Cosby will suffer a lot more than bad publicity. A criminal investigation and multiple civil lawsuits are moving forward against him. The statute of limitations has been Cosby’s ally throughout his legal troubles, but the number and magnitude of the allegations should overwhelm him this year. It’s a good guess that Cosby will end 2016 in prison—and that he will end his life destitute.

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