Your Weekend: A Selective Guide

Movies: I’m not tempted by “The Hateful Eight” or “Joy” or “The Revenant,” but perhaps you are. My favorite films of the season are “The Big Short,” “Creed,” and “Brooklyn.” Television: Here are some holiday marathons to watch with your family and friends. Among them are “Doctor Who” and “The Twilight Zone” and however PBS is slicing and dicing “Downton Abbey” this weekend. Music: “The Ties That Bind” is Springsteen’s latest collection. My preferred recording of “The Nutcracker” is conducted by Valery Gergiev. Books: “Maude” is, dare I say it, heartwarming. “A Christmas Carol” is timeless, and, yes, my favorite character is Scrooge. Sports: Is Odell Beckham, Jr. gay? I hope not. His team, the Giants, were finished even before he started acting up. Finally: I wish you all a very happy holiday!

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