Movie Tries To Take Down Huma

The New York Times article on the new documentary “Weiner,” about Anthony Weiner, tries to paint Huma Abedin, his wife and the close friend and aide of Hillary Clinton, with an insulting brush. All of these media projects seem like a concerted effort to blame women like Hillary and Huma for being with men who cat around. The moralistic media can’t stand it when women marry and — God forbid! — stay with men who aren’t monogamous. The American public is more adult, not caring for the most part about Bill Clinton‘s affairs and the attempt of the Republicans and, to a lesser extent, Bernie Sanders, to dredge them up. Sex is always a distraction from the real issues — climate change, campaign-finance reform, etc. Some Republicans can’t stand the fact that Hillary’s top aide is a Muslim, just as they cannot abide that Obama’s father was a Muslim.

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